Sunday, 15 September 2013

Final visits - 11-09-13

Final week now, can’t believe how it’s flown by. Yesterday I gave a presentation about my time and my experiences of the placement. It was amazing to realise how much I’ve actually managed to fit into my time here. I think this is largely thanks to the Cultural Collections Unit, who I've been based with, for having organised such an impressive programme for me.

The presentation was also a good opportunity to tell people about the University of Birmingham’s collections. The audience included a few Melbourne students who were thinking of applying for the award, as well as collections staff from the University, so this information was received with interest.

Today, I manage to fit in three things I’ve been very much looking forward to since coming to the University of Melbourne: visits to the Dax Centre and the Victorian College of the Arts, and a meeting with the co-ordinator of a collection-spanning course run for undergraduates, entitled Knowledge, Culture and Learning. A varied but inspirational bunch!

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